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    Pumpkin Cup for U6, U8, U11 Girls - Saturday October 1, 2022

    Teams in the Co-Ed U6, Co-Ed U8, and U11 Girls divisions will play in the Pumpkin Cup on Saturday October 1st. Match schedules are live in Sports Engine at and via your team page.

    U6 plays on a small-sided field just east of Apollo Park's north parking lot.

    U8 plays on the field furthest east from Apollo Park's north parking lot.

    U11 plays on two fields, one near the north parking lot ("Near East" on the schedule), the other the west side field near the south parking lot at 191st street ("Southwest" on the schedule).

    Co-Ed U7 and Co-Ed U14 will play on their regular fields, and U11 Boys will play at Millennium Park on October 1st, all at their normal times.



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