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There are changes to the 2022-23 Season Format! Please read through the entire program page for updates!

The HFSC Recreational program is a noncompetitive soccer program that helps younger players build a foundation for future growth in soccer. HFSC aims to make soccer accessible to any child wanting to play by providing a local, affordable, well-run recreational program.

Teams are led by a volunteer Coach and practice a minimum of 1 time per week. 


  • The season runs from September 10th-October 29th 
  • Practices start no earlier than August 22nd
  • Coaches meeting: 7PM August 29th, Irwin Center in Homewood
  • Rosters  will be announced: Before the coaches' meeting on August 29th


  • U6-U11 divisions  =  $115 per registrant 
  • U14 division =  $120 per registrant  
  • 10% Discount off total fees for families with 3 or more participants registered during the same registration session.


(practice locations set by our volunteer coaches)

U6 CoEd, U7 CoEd - Bicentennial Park in Olympia Fields

U8 CoEd - Cumberland Trail Field at Bicentennial Park in Olympia Fields

U11 Boys - Apollo Park Southwest Field (191st ST) in Homewood

U11 Girls - Millennium Park in Homewood

U14 CoEd - Apollo Park Southeast Field (191st ST) in Homewood

Deadline to Register: August 19th

New For Fall 2022

Below we have outlined the updated registration and team-building process for Fall 2022 and going forward. Please read through these policy changes in their entirety.

Recreational divisions operate on a “soccer year” that starts in the fall, and carries through to spring of the next calendar year. New teams are organized every fall.

Players registering in the U8 and older divisions will undergo evaluations in an effort to form balanced teams. Evaluations will happen once per soccer year. Players evaluated for the fall season will not be re-evaluated if returning for the spring season. Players playing spring-only will be evaluated in the spring.

It is our goal to place players returning in the spring on the same teams whenever possible.

  • Player participation may change in the spring which can dramatically change team make up
  • Coaches not returning can also affect placement
  • Players registering for the spring only may be placed where needed

A parent volunteering to coach a team will have their child placed on the team coached unless otherwise requested during registration, or if they are in a different age division.

Brothers or sisters in the same division will be placed on the same team unless otherwise requested during registration.

A coach may request one parent to be an assistant. The assistant must request to be placed with the head coach. The assistant coach will have their child placed on the team coached unless otherwise requested during registration, or if they are in a different age division.

Sponsors may indicate that they want their child to be on the team sponsored.

A request not to be placed with a specific coach will be honored. The player will be placed on a team based on need.

During registration, one request to accommodate carpooling will be accepted. The request must be mutual with the other player in order to be honored.

No requests for specific coaches, or to play with specific players will be honored.

Division Age Group Matrix

Note: players may submit requests to play UP a division, but not to play DOWN to a younger division

Division Oldest Birth Date Youngest Birth Date
CoEd U6 09/02/2016 09/01/2018
CoEd U7 09/02/2015 09/01/2016
CoEd U8 09/02/2014 09/01/2015
Girls U11 09/02/2011 09/01/2014
Boys U11 09/02/2011 09/01/2014
CoEd U14 09/02/2008 09/01/2011